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Release of the 2021 White Paper on the Development of China's Tourism and Health Industry
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Source: Beijing Business Daily
Beijing Business Daily News (Reporter Yao Qian) The first China International Consumer Goods Expo (Consumer Expo) was held from May 7th to 10th, 2021 in Haikou, Hainan Province, China. On May 8th, the only insurance forum at this conference, the "China International Travel and Health Insurance High Level Forum," was held. The forum was hosted by the China International Trade Association, hosted by Ciming Boao International Hospital, Ciming Insurance Brokerage Company, and supported by the World Chinese Physicians Association and the China Insurance Industry Association.
At the meeting, the "2021 White Paper on the Development of China's Tourism and Health Industry" was released. The white paper shows that the global health tourism market is expected to reach 919 billion US dollars by 2022. Currently, China's middle-income group has exceeded 300 million people, accounting for over 30% of the global middle-income group. The total wealth held by the middle class is 28.3 trillion yuan, surpassing the United States and Japan and ranking first in the world. Due to the continuous growth of China's macro economy, the evolution of population structure, and the changes in consumer demand and motivation of individual consumers at the micro level, there is enormous potential for growth in both the actual and potential demand of China's travel and health insurance industry.
At present, the tourism and health care industry in Hainan Province has begun to take shape, with over one million "migratory birds" coming to Hainan every year for tourism and health care. In the future, a comprehensive service system of "health care+leisure, sports, life, elderly care, tourism, and intelligence" will be constructed, presenting a city landscape centered on tourism and health care.

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