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General Secretary Xi Jinping Conduct investigation and research in Nanyang, Henan
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Hosted a symposium on promoting high-quality development of the follow-up project of the South to North Water Diversion Project in Nanyang City, Henan Province, and delivered an important speech.
Continuing to scientifically promote the implementation of water diversion projects, we need to comprehensively strengthen water conservation and rigid constraints on water resources, and coordinate and strengthen demand and supply management
Traditional Chinese medicine contains thousands of years of health preservation concepts and practical experience of the Chinese nation, and is a great creation of the Chinese nation and a treasure of ancient Chinese science
The development potential of local characteristic industries is enormous. It is necessary to be good at exploring and utilizing local advantageous resources, strengthening the protection of local high-quality varieties, promoting the organic integration of industry, academia, and research, and coordinating the development of industries, technology, and culture
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The success of the South to North Water Diversion Project in contemporary times and benefits in the future
  Understand the resettlement of immigrants for the South to North Water Diversion Project.
From south to north, drink the same river.  
High quality development requires a more scientific use of every drop of water, so that each drop can play a greater role and produce greater benefits. There must be no "major water diversion, waste, or pollution".
The implementation of the South to North Water Diversion Project is to scientifically regulate water resources. As of May 11th, the first phase of the East and Middle Line projects have transferred a total of 43.1 billion cubic meters of Yangtze River water to water scarce areas in the north, benefiting more than 140 million people directly. Among them, the central line has transferred 37.9 billion cubic meters of water to the Beijing Tianjin Hebei Henan region, benefiting approximately 79 million people in 24 large and medium-sized cities along the line.
Heaven generates water.  
The relationship between humans and water is a mirror of the relationship between humans and nature. The construction of socialist modernization in China has many important characteristics, one of which is that modernization is a modernization of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, emphasizing the synchronous promotion of material and ecological civilization construction.
Reshaping the relationship between humans and water is an important component of reshaping the relationship between humans and nature, which is related to the great rejuvenation and sustainable development of the Chinese nation.
Inheriting, innovating, and developing traditional Chinese medicine
  Promote the complementary and coordinated development of Chinese and Western medicine, and provide higher quality health services for the people.
For thousands of years, the Chinese nation relied on traditional Chinese medicine to treat diseases and save lives. Especially after fighting against major infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and SARS, we have a deeper understanding of the role of traditional Chinese medicine.
  On March 6th, he proposed to do a good job in the innovation, inheritance, and development of traditional Chinese medicine, establish a service system, service mode, management mode, and talent training mode that is in line with the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, and promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine, while visiting members of the medical and educational sectors who participated in the fourth meeting of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and attending the joint group meeting.
Traditional Chinese medicine has played an irreplaceable role in the prosperity and sustainable development of Chinese civilization, and is an important component of China's excellent traditional culture. More than 1800 years later, the prescriptions in Zhang Zhongjing's "Treatise on Febrile Diseases and Miscellaneous Diseases" have once again shone brightly. According to the optimized combination and innovative application of the famous prescriptions in the book, the "Qingfei Paidu Decoction" was recommended by the state to be used in the treatment of COVID-19 with integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, making an important contribution to the fight against the epidemic.
Developing characteristic industries according to local conditions
In February, Guizhou, Miao embroidery and batik dyeing; In March, Fujian, tea and Shaxian snacks; April, Guangxi, grape, Luosifen;  
Currently, China is in a transitional period between poverty alleviation and rural revitalization strategies.  
It is crucial to promote the effective connection between the achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, and to do a good job in industrial connection. Replenishing shortcomings, stimulating vitality, and ensuring sustainable development in poverty-stricken areas are essential for the transition from industrial poverty alleviation to industrial revitalization.
To revitalize rural areas, choosing industries that benefit the people according to local conditions is the key.
As the source of the Middle Route Project of the South to North Water Diversion, the canal head area has good ecology and water quality, which is itself a "golden signboard". In addition, utilizing the funds of the pilot project for the industrial development of immigrant villages in the South to North Water Diversion Project, the Danjiang Green Fruit and Vegetable Garden in Zouzhuang, Xichuan County has currently carried out the planting of kiwifruit, lotus root, grapes and other fruits and vegetables, driving more than 300 people in the village to engage in related characteristic industries, with an average monthly income of over 2000 yuan.
Healthy development, the beauty of each industry, and the flourishing and rising momentum of various industries can better light up the bright future of rural revitalization in China

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