Xinxiang · Huanyu International Health Expo

Xinxiang Huanyu International Health Hui is a community level health Hui that focuses on intelligent testing, precise services, and health management. Through intelligent testing and genetic testing, problems are identified; Dealing with problems through traditional Chinese medicine, rehabilitation therapy, etc; Accurate service, solving problems through global expert consultation and green referral. The core characteristic products are pure Chinese medicine artery plaque solutions, reversing type 2 diabetes; Sub health management plans, including insomnia management, traditional Chinese medicine weight loss, pain management, gynecological management, etc; Through the professional services of health butlers, we address the health service needs of members in terms of dietary nutrition, psychological therapy, and daily health management. Create a health barrier for members. The purpose is to prevent disease occurrence, control disease development, promote disease recovery, reduce disease incidence, and improve community health level.