Meishan · Heilongtan International Elderly Care Industrial Park

The Meishan Heilongtan International Elderly Care Industrial Park project is positioned as a demonstration base for China's demand based elderly care industry. It is located 10 kilometers south of Tianfu New Area, jointly managed by Chengdu and Meishan, next to the 4A Scenic Area of Renshou Heilongtan in Meishan. The project covers an area of 398 acres, including 101 acres of Phase I commercial land.
The total investment of the project is 5 billion yuan. From the three aspects of "medicine", "health", and "maintenance", we will build a "5+4" product system and create a big health industry cluster that covers medical services, rehabilitation services, and health vacation. Among them, the five core industries include the construction of health management centers, traditional Chinese medicine health treatment centers, cancer prevention and anti-aging centers, psychological counseling centers, and emergency rescue centers. The four major residential facilities include traditional Chinese medicine health care hotels, agricultural experience centers Dongpo Art and Culture Market, Elderly University.