Nanyang · Baihewan International Health City

Nanyang · Baihewan International Health City is located in the cultural, health, and tourism complex. The project is located in the Zhangzhongjing Health Industrial Park in the Nanyang Urban Rural Integration Demonstration Zone, with a total planned area of 2290 acres and a construction land of 1575 acres.
The total investment of the project is 16 billion yuan, and Huanyu Health plans to invest over 2 billion yuan to build seven major industries: a health management center, a traditional Chinese medicine health treatment center, a high-tech research and development center for Chinese herbal medicine, a global tourism center, a maternal and child obstetrics and pregnancy center, a life science center, and a medical beauty anti-aging center.
The first phase of Nanyang · Baihewan International Health City in Nanyang covers an area of 350 acres, constructing four different health themes: healing health, entertainment health, leisure health, and cultural health, integrating into a healthy life and forming a comprehensive health care.
The Healing and Wellness Hotel collaborates with the 300 year old Chinese brand "Derrentang" to create a boutique traditional Chinese medicine themed hotel, which integrates image display, health tourism and business reception, health and wellness, travel and vacation, traditional Chinese medicine therapy, and other functions. And through intelligent mattresses to monitor sleep status, automatically adjust the air, light source, and sound source, comprehensively utilize traditional Chinese medicine elements, and use methods such as hemp cloth, traditional Chinese medicine fumigation, and ancient tea drinks to regain a deep baby like sleep.
A five-star international standard home care apartment, an international quality health care service base, creating full-time health care services for all ages, including vitality apartments, nursing apartments, and apartment health supporting activity spaces of approximately 5000 square meters.